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Everything you need to know about the 6×8 Single

plus our helpful maintenance guide

Table of Content - 6x8 Single Axle

1. Technical Features

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Standard Features South Georgia Cargo
PRICE $3,400.00
EXTERIOR METAL  White metal exterior (.024) / Screwed metal exterior
AXLES 3500lb leaf spring axle
V-NOSE  V-Nose with vertical ATP trim
FRONT DESIGN Aerodynamic styling
DOME LIGHT 12V Dome light with switch
WALLS/CEILING TUBING  1x1" steel tube in walls and ceiling
FLOOR TUBING  2x3" steel tube main rails
TAIL LIGHTS  LED Strip tail lights
INTERIOR HEIGHT 75" (6'3") Interior height
REAR DOOR  Ramp Door w/ Spring Assist & Extension Flap
PLUG / COUPLER (BALL) 4-way flat plug / 2" coupler
FENDERS Aluminum fenders w/lights
TIRES ST205 15" Radial tires
RIMS/WHEELS Silver Mod Wheels
ROOF MATERIAL  Galvalume roof
STONEGUARD 24" Stoneguard on front
TONGUE JACK 2000 lb tongue jack
HUBS  EZ Lube Hubs
WALL MATERIAL Premium 3/8" plywood sidewalls
FLOOR MATERIAL 3/4" plywood floor/Painted Underneath
SIDE DOOR 32" RV style side door with flush lock
ROOF VENT Non-powered roof vent
GVWR 3500 lbs

2. Technical FAQ

Overall Length: 11'6" / 138 in (Breakdown: 8' on the Box + 3'6" on the Tongue) 20" on the Vnose
Overall Width: 7’6" / 90 in (Breakdown: 6' on the Box + 9" on each Fender)
Overall Height: 7'7" / 91 in (Breakdown: 6'3" on the Box + 16" from the ground to the box)

Overall Length: 7'9" Box (Breakdown: Subtract 3" which counts for rear door & framing) plus 20" on the Vnose
Overall Width: 5'8" (Breakdown: Subtract 4" (2" on each side) which counts for plywood & framing)
Overall Height: 6'3"

Width: 62" (Breakdown: Subtract 10" (5 on each side) which counts for plywood & framing)
Height: 69" (Breakdown: Subtract 6" which counts for plywood & framing)

No it doesn’t but they're available as a custom option.


Side Note: If the combined weight of the trailer and its load approaches or exceeds 3,000 pounds, many jurisdictions require brakes on the trailer. However, a 4x6 enclosed trailer, given its size, is unlikely to reach this weight limit when fully loaded, as they typically have a lower payload capacity.


Safety Considerations


Driving Conditions: If you plan to tow your trailer in hilly or mountainous areas, or if you'll be driving in a lot of stop-and-go traffic, having electric brakes can significantly improve safety by reducing stopping distances and improving vehicle control.


Emergency Handling: Electric brakes can offer better control in emergency braking situations, reducing the risk of accidents.


Wear on Vehicle Brakes: Using a trailer with its own braking system can reduce wear and tear on your vehicle's brakes, especially important for frequent towing or heavy loads.

4-way flat plug

5×4.5 (5 Lug)

6 Ply

Screws are 4' apart instead of being every 2'

It's an asphalt undercoating paint

We developed a section exclusively for Custom Options where we show sample photos and explain most popular options:

Click Here for More Information.

Here are examples of some of the most popular Custom Options:

– Blackout Package
– Electrical Package
– Insulation Package
– Rubber Flooring
– Etracks
– D-rings
– Windows
– Extended Tongue
– Extra Height
– Ladder Racks
– Finished Interior (Metal/Vinyl)
– Air Conditioner
– Lighting Options
– Axle Upgrades
– Concession Window
– Special Door Options
– Cabinets
– Barn Doors

3. Sample Photos

4. Sample Video

5. Sample Colors (click to enlarge)

6. Purchase FAQ

We work our financing arrangements through our third party business partner, below is their information:


Rock Solid Funding

Phone: 800-607-1108


NOTE: We recommend creating a quote before calling the financing company.

We work our delivery service arrangements through our third party business partners, below is their information:

TJ’s Transport: (912) 389-1965
Loyd’s Transport: (912) 381-2138





30 Day Temporary Tag, Certificate of Origin and obviously your Title so you can register your brand new trailer

Yes they are and also the reason why your trailer pick up is directly at the Factory

We do not charge any taxes, that's something that you pay when you register the trailer

Yes, as soon as your trailer is ready we can provide your with your VIN number.


1) Credit or Debit Card (over the phone or invoice sent to your email)
2) Mail a Cashier's Check
3) Wire Transfer

Once your deposit is confirmed we’ll send you an email just make everything official and after 24 hours (timeframe we provide in case of any changes) we will send your order to our production team so they can start working on your future top notch trailer

It depends on 2 factors: The season and your Order so make sure to ask our awesome sales team for a more accurate completion timeframe but on average you might be looking between 2 to 4 weeks on standard order and about 3 to 5 weeks for orders with custom options.


Note: We do make exceptions so make sure to ask our sales team

We don’t usually provide any updates during the building process but we can definitely ask our production team how things are going but as soon as your trailer is ready, we will send you the completion email along with the instructions so you can start your pick up arrangements

7. Create a Quote

8. Still Got Questions?

We try to cover all the basic questions so our customers can make an informed and smart purchase, but if we missed any information that prevents you from moving forward please feel free to email, chat or call us, our awesome and knowledgeable sales team will be happy to help.

9. Ready to Purchase

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Have you recently invested in an enclosed cargo trailer, or are you looking to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your current one? Our comprehensive PDF guide is your ultimate companion to mastering the art of trailer maintenance!

Safeguard Your Investment:

10 Smart Ways to Prevent Trailer Theft!

Useful Article About:

Enclosed Trailer 6 x 8 by, Built to Last!

enclosed trailer 6 x 8

Introduction: The Compact Champion for cargo trailer options

The 6×8 enclosed trailer stands out in the competitive world of trailers, not just for its convenience but for its unparalleled blend of size and functionality that suits a myriad of needs. This compact marvel has garnered attention worldwide, becoming a go-to choice for individuals and businesses alike seeking a reliable, space-efficient solution for their hauling needs. Its popularity is underpinned by its adaptability, catering to a wide range of cargo, making it a versatile asset in any fleet.

Identifying Your Needs: The First Step to get the 6 x 8 trailer enclosed

Before embarking on the journey to purchase a trailer, a deep dive into your specific hauling requirements is crucial. The 6×8 size, while compact, is deceptively spacious, offering ample room for a variety of cargo types. Whether it’s for business operations requiring the transport of equipment or personal use for moving household items, understanding the nature and volume of your cargo is pivotal. This foundational step ensures that the trailer you choose is not just a fit but a perfect match for your needs.

The Wisdom in Choosing a 6×8 Trailer with single axle and tandem axle options

Selecting a 6×8 enclosed trailer is a testament to strategic thinking and long-term planning. This decision transcends the immediate need for a cargo solution; it’s an investment in a tool that promises to deliver value for years to come. The secret to a successful purchase lies in not just recognizing the immediate benefits but in foreseeing the potential it holds to facilitate your endeavors over time. Conducting thorough research, comparing options, and weighing the trailer’s long-term utility against the cost are steps that pave the way to a wise investment.

6 x 8 trailer enclosed

A Treasure Trove with the 6 x 8 enclosed trailer single rear door or rear ramp options

The realm of used 6×8 enclosed trailers is a landscape filled with potential treasures, offering the savvy shopper an opportunity to find exceptional value. The economic advantage of buying used is clear, but the true art lies in discerning the gems from the merely adequate. Thorough inspection and a discerning eye are your best tools in this quest, ensuring that the trailer you select is not just economically advantageous but also a paragon of reliability and quality. Remember to consider all options with side door, ramp door, interior height, v-nose, gooseneck, and rear ramp door options. The main goal is to get quality cargo 6×8 with the best possible trailer dealer and this is not common to find in high level of quality or top quality unless you know where to look.

Inspecting Pre-Owned Treasures in the enclosed 6×8 trailer category

Inspecting a pre-owned 6×8 enclosed trailer is akin to detective work, requiring attention to detail and a methodical approach. Beyond the superficial, a deeper look into the trailer’s structure, integrity, and functionality is essential. Checking for rust, wear and tear, and the condition of critical components like the frame, flooring, and doors reveals much about its past and future utility. This careful scrutiny is instrumental in safeguarding against future costs and ensuring the powerful enclosed trailer 6×8 ability to stand the test of time.

A Balanced Decision with the 6×8 and 8×6 enclosed trailer

The dilemma between choosing a new or used 6×8 enclosed trailer often boils down to a balance between cost and quality. New trailers offer the allure of untarnished condition and the promise of longevity, yet the market for used trailers is ripe with opportunities for those willing to search. Quality used trailers, maintained with care by their previous owners, can rival new ones in both function and form. The key lies in diligent inspection and a clear understanding of what constitutes a truly high-quality trailer, regardless of its age. Consider things like the extra height for the 2024 or 2023 quality cargo options. The trailer length is always important and trailer sales are constantly going to be based on trailer size such as the enclosed car trailers that upgrade to triple space.

6 x 8 enclosed trailer

Customization Options in the 6 by 8 enclosed trailer with barn door or specific item location

The potential for customization in a 6×8 enclosed trailer opens a world of possibilities for tailoring your trailer to your exact needs. Whether it’s for optimizing storage with shelving and hooks, enhancing functionality with custom flooring, or personalizing the space to reflect your brand, the options are as limitless as your imagination. This ability to customize not only increases the utility of your trailer but also adds a personal touch that can make the trailer truly yours. There are endless customization options to consider including flatbed, axle trailer, 6×8 cargo, 6×8 single axle, quality 6×8 enclosed, 6×8 cargo trailers, torsion axles w, barn door, gooseneck trailers, living quarter trailers, 6×8 enclosed trailer for sale, rear of trailer options, 8.5, item location, dump trailers, truck trailer, enclosed living quarter trailers, enclosed vending trailers, enclosed workstation trailers, enclosed stacker trailers, and more. Keep in mind that all payments are estimates and in most cases fees are extra for the concession trailer and smaller cargo as well as larger options.

Finding the best price in the 6×8 enclosed trailer category with side door or v-nose

The journey to find a high-quality 6×8 enclosed trailer at an affordable price is both challenging and rewarding. With their rising popularity, these trailers have become highly sought after, yet the market’s vastness holds the promise of deals that strike the perfect balance between cost and quality. Diligent search, negotiation skills, and timing can uncover deals that make quality trailers accessible within your budget, with the 6×8 Enclosed Trailer offering both satisfaction and value. Always look for the prices on tandem 5200 lb, tandem 3500 lb, triple 5200 lb, leaf spring axles, diamond cargo, 5th wheel, tandem torsion axles, and more. Finding good trailer financing is always essential and look for any flaws that might lower the price. Also important if you want to upgrade in the future.

enclosed 6x8 trailer

The Role of Warranties for the enclosed cargo trailer and trailer size

In the world of trailer purchases, the assurance provided by a comprehensive warranty and reliable customer support is invaluable. This consideration goes beyond the initial purchase, offering a layer of protection against the unforeseen and access to expert assistance when needed. Especially for those venturing into trailer ownership for the first time, or those opting for a pre-owned model, the security of warranty and support services is a cornerstone of a sound investment in the 6 x 8 enclosed trailer for sale.

Exploring the Diversity in trailers for sale and car hauler options in 4 x 6 to 6 x 12 and more

The 6×8 enclosed trailer category is distinguished by its diversity, with models tailored to a broad spectrum of needs. From specialized configurations for secure vehicle transport to innovative designs for mobile vending or comfortable living quarters, the variety available underscores the importance of clarity in your requirements. Identifying what you need your trailer to achieve is crucial in navigating this diversity to find the 5x8x6 enclosed trailer model that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

8x6 enclosed trailer

Leveraging Customer Feedback for enclosed trailers for sale and diamond cargo

In today’s interconnected world, the wisdom of the crowd is a powerful tool in making informed decisions. Customer reviews and feedback offer unfiltered insights into the real-world performance of different 6×8 enclosed trailers, illuminating both their strengths and potential shortcomings. This collective wisdom can guide you toward making a choice that is not just informed by specifications and sales pitches but enriched by the experiences of others. Always remember that there are several used 6 x 8 enclosed trailer for sale options. Just take the time to find a 5×6 enclosed trailer or 6 x 10, 6 x 12 within the options available that truly works for your needs.

Trends and Innovations in the enclosed trailer 6 x 8 with v nose and rear ramp door options

Keeping abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the trailer industry can significantly enhance the value of your purchase. From advancements in materials and construction techniques to the integration of smart technologies for improved security and efficiency, the landscape of trailering is constantly evolving. These developments can influence not just the current utility of your trailer but also its future relevance and performance, making an awareness of industry trends an essential element of your decision-making process for a brand new trailer or a used one. Contact us today and one of our representatives will get back to you soon with great trailers and enclosed quality cargo 6×8 cargo options.

6 by 8 enclosed trailer

Conclusion: Embarking on Your Trailer Journey

Securing the ideal 6×8 enclosed trailer is a journey that marries practical considerations with personal aspirations. By meticulously navigating through the steps outlined – from assessing needs and conducting thorough research to understanding the nuances of new versus used and the potential for customization – you are well-equipped to make a choice that resonates with your requirements. The right trailer not only serves as a reliable partner in your endeavors but also as a testament to the value of informed, thoughtful decision-making.

Please enter your contact information and one of our cargo trailer dealer representatives will get backt you as soon as possible with options that fit your needs!

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