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8.5x20 Premium
Tandem Axle

Standard Features

  • Floor crossmembers 16″OC
  • 6’6″ (78″) Interior Height
  • 3/4″ plywood floor/Painted Underneath
  • White or Black metal exterior (.024)
  • (2) 12V Dome lights with switch
  • 205-15 Radial tires
  • Beavertail floor in rear
  • Non-powered roof vent
  • Silver Mod Wheels
  • (4) floor D-rings
  • LED Strip tail lights
  • 36″ RV style side door with flush lock
  • Wall members 16″ OC
  • V-Nose with vertical ATP trim
  • Premium 3/8″ plywood sidewalls
  • Rear Ramp with spring Assists & Extension Flap
  • 1×1″ steel tube in walls and ceiling
  • Roof members 24″ o.c.
  • 3500lb spring axles with 4″ drop & Electric Brakes
  • Screwed metal exterior
  • EZ Lube Hubs
  • 2000 lb tongue jack
  • Galvalume roof
  • 24″ Stoneguard on front
  • 6″ I-Beam Main Rails
  • ATP in Stepwell
  • 7-way Round elec. Plug/ 2 5/16″coupler



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8.5×20 enclosed trailer

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