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Everything you need to know about the 7×20 Tandem

from any of our top 3 manufacturers plus our helpful maintenance guide

Table of Content - 7x20 Tandem Axle

1. Technical Comparison Table

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Standard Features Diamond Anvil Procraft
PRICE $6,240.00 $6,400.00 $5,525.00
EXTERIOR METAL .030 Aluminum Metal (Semi-screwed) .080 Polycore Exterior (Semi-screwed) .024 Aluminum Metal Semi-Screwed Exterior
AXLES 3500lb USA Made Lippert Drop Leaf Spring Axles 3500lb USA Made Drop Leaf Spring Axle 3500# Drop Leaf Spring Axles
V-NOSE  V Nose (Standard) V Nose (Standard) V Nose (Standard)
ELECTRIC BRAKES   Axles w/ Electric Brakes  Axles w/ Electric Brakes  Axles w/ Electric Brakes
DOME LIGHT 12V LED Dome light with switch 12V Dome light with switch
WALLS/CEILING TUBING  1.5" x 1" steel tube in walls and ceiling 1.5" x 1" steel tube in walls and ceiling 2x2 Tube CXM's
FLOOR TUBING  6" steel tube main rails 6" steel tube main rails  6" Steel Tube M.F.
FLOOR CROSS-MEMBERS Floor Members 16" O.C. Floor Members 16" O.C. Floor Members 16" O.C.
ROOF CROSS-MEMBERS Roof Members 16" O.C. Roof Members 24" O.C. Roof Members 24" O.C.
WALL CROSS-MEMBERS Wall Members 16" O.C. Wall Members 16" O.C. Wall Members 16" O.C.
LIGHTS  All LED exterior lighting incl. Rear Loading Light All LED exterior lighting (1) 3' Strip Light / Strip Taillights - Reverse /  Loading Light Above Rear
INTERIOR HEGHT 7' (84") Interior Height 75" (6'3") Interior height Interior Height 75" (6'3")
REAR DOOR  Ramp Door w/ Spring Assist & Extension Flap  / Door Hold Back / 2 Rear Door Handles Rear Ramp Door w/ Spring Assist & Extension Flap Ramp Door w/ Flap & Aluminum Handle
LUG / COUPLER (BALL) 7-way Round Bargman Plug / 2 5 / 16" Coupler 7-way round plug / 2 5 / 16" coupler 7 Way Bargman Plug 2 5/16" Coupler
FENDERS Aluminum fenders w/lights Aluminum fenders w/lights ATP Fenders
SIDE DOOR 32" RV-Style Side Door w/ Flush Lock 32" RV-Style Side Door w/ Flush Lock & Hold Open 36" Side Door w/ Flush Lock & Barlock
TIRES ST205 15" Radial Tires ST205 15" Radial Tires ST205 15" Radial Tires 
RIMS/WHEELS Silver Painted Wheels Silver Painted Wheels Silver Rim
ROOF MATERIAL  Galvalume roof Galvalume roof Galvalume Roof
STONEGUARD 24" Stoneguard on front 24" Stoneguard on front V-Nose w/24" Stoneguard
TONGUE JACK 2000 lb tongue jack w/ Sand Foot 2000 lb tongue jack w/ Sand Foot 5000 lb A-Frame Jack w/ Sand Foot
HUBS  EZ Lube Hubs EZ Lube Hubs E-Z Lube Hubs
THERMA-PLY Therma-Ply Ceiling
WALL MATERIAL Premium 3/8" plywood sidewalls Premium 3/8" plywood sidewalls 3/8" Plywood Walls
FLOOR MATERIAL 3/4" plywood floor/undercoated 3/4" plywood floor/undercoated 3/4" Plywood Floor
SIDEWALL VENTS Plastic Sidewall Vents Plastic Side Vents Plastic Side Wall Vents
D-RINGS (4) 5000 lb D-Rings
EMPTY WEIGHT 3000 lbs 3000 lbs 3000 lbs
LOAD CAPACITY 4000 lbs 4000 lbs 4000 lbs
GVWR 7000 lbs 7000 lbs 7000 lbs
TONGUE WEIGHT 396 lbs 396 lbs 396 lbs

2. Technical FAQ

Overall Length: 23'6" / 282 in (Breakdown: 20' on the Box + 3'6" on the Tongue) 20" on the Vnose
Overall Width: 8’6" / 102 in (Breakdown: 7' on the Box + 9" on each Fender)
Overall Height ( Diamond ): 8'4" / 100 in (Breakdown: 7' on the Box + 16" from the ground to the box)
Overall Height (Anvil): 7'7" / 91 in (Breakdown: 6'3" on the Box + 16" from the ground to the box)

Overall Length: 19'9" Box (Breakdown: Subtract 3" which counts for rear door & framing) plus 20" on the Vnose
Overall Width: 6'8" (Breakdown: Subtract 4" (2" on each side) which counts for plywood & framing)
Overall Height ( Diamond ): 7'
Overall Height (Anvil): 6'3"

Width: 74" (Breakdown: Subtract 10" (5 on each side) which counts for plywood & framing)
Height ( Diamond ): 78" (Breakdown: Subtract 6" which counts for plywood & framing)
Height (Anvil): 69" (Breakdown: Subtract 6" which counts for plywood & framing)

7-way Round plug

5×4.5 (5 Lug)

6 Ply

Screws are 4' apart instead of being every 2'

It's an asphalt undercoating paint

We developed a section exclusively for Custom Options where we show sample photos and explain most popular options:

Click Here for More Information.

Here are examples of some of the most popular Custom Options:

– Blackout Package
– Electrical Package
– Insulation Package
– Rubber Flooring
– Etracks
– D-rings
– Windows
– Extended Tongue
– Extra Height
– Ladder Racks
– Finished Interior (Metal/Vinyl)
– Air Conditioner
– Lighting Options
– Axle Upgrades
– Concession Window
– Special Door Options
– Cabinets
– Barn Doors

3. Sample Photos

4. Sample Video

5. Sample Colors (click to enlarge)

6. Purchase FAQ

We work our financing arrangements through our third party business partner, below is their information:


Rock Solid Funding

Phone: 800-607-1108


NOTE: We recommend creating a quote before calling the financing company.

We work our delivery service arrangements through our third party business partners, below is their information:

TJ’s Transport: (912) 389-1965
Loyd’s Transport: (912) 381-2138





30 Day Temporary Tag, Certificate of Origin and obviously your Title so you can register your brand new trailer

Yes they are and also the reason why your trailer pick up is directly at the Factory

We do not charge any taxes, that's something that you pay when you register the trailer

Yes, as soon as your trailer is ready we can provide your with your VIN number.


1) Credit or Debit Card (over the phone or invoice sent to your email)
2) Mail a Cashier's Check
3) Wire Transfer

Once your deposit is confirmed we’ll send you an email just make everything official and after 24 hours (timeframe we provide in case of any changes) we will send your order to our production team so they can start working on your future top notch trailer

It depends on 2 factors: The season and your Order so make sure to ask our awesome sales team for a more accurate completion timeframe but on average you might be looking between 2 to 4 weeks on standard order and about 3 to 5 weeks for orders with custom options.


Note: We do make exceptions so make sure to ask our sales team

We don’t usually provide any updates during the building process but we can definitely ask our production team how things are going but as soon as your trailer is ready, we will send you the completion email along with the instructions so you can start your pick up arrangements

7. Create a Quote

8. Still Got Questions?

We try to cover all the basic questions so our customers can make an informed and smart purchase, but if we missed any information that prevents you from moving forward please feel free to email, chat or call us, our awesome and knowledgeable sales team will be happy to help.

Have you recently invested in an enclosed cargo trailer, or are you looking to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your current one? Our comprehensive PDF guide is your ultimate companion to mastering the art of trailer maintenance!

Safeguard Your Investment:

10 Smart Ways to Prevent Trailer Theft!

Useful Article About:

7 x 20 Enclosed Trailer by, Built to Last!

7 x 20 enclosed trailer

Introduction: The Appeal of the 7×20 Enclosed Trailer

The 7×20 enclosed trailer stands out for its generous space and functionality, making it a prime choice for those with significant transportation needs. Whether you’re moving goods, setting up for events, or require a dependable vehicle for business, this trailer size offers unparalleled versatility. Its enclosed nature ensures that your cargo is protected from the elements and secure during transit. However, it’s imperative to inspect the trailers available both in physical stores and online platforms meticulously, as this ensures the longevity and quality of your investment. This guide is crafted to navigate you through the maze of options, spotlighting the best practices in selecting, evaluating, and maximizing the value of your 7×20 enclosed trailer purchase.

The Challenge of Finding Quality Trailers with the 7 x 20 enclosed trailer

Identifying a trailer that strikes the right balance between durability, affordability, and functionality is a complex task. The market is flooded with a wide range of options, each claiming superiority. Yet, the real challenge lies in discerning genuine quality from mere claims. This necessitates a deep dive into research, leveraging user reviews, expert opinions, and manufacturer specifications to distill the choices down to those that truly offer the best value for money. The right trailer should not only meet your current needs but also be robust enough to serve you well into the future. This is important when you are considering purchasing a trailer you have to consider that incentives are not included. Contact dealer options to reserve trailer online an you can get complete attention to achieve the best results.

7x20 enclosed trailer weight

The Importance of Research with the 7×20 enclosed trailer weight

Embarking on the journey to purchase a 7×20 enclosed trailer without adequate research is akin to navigating a ship without a compass. Detailed research encompasses not just the initial costs but also maintenance, durability, and resale value. It’s about examining the trailer’s construction, materials used, and the manufacturer’s reputation. Furthermore, understanding the nuances of warranties and service agreements can significantly impact the long-term enjoyment and utility of your trailer. This foundational step cannot be overstated, as it lays the groundwork for making an informed decision that aligns with your financial and practical requirements. The costs of the hauler depends on where the trailer is located and some specific fees may apply.

7x20 enclosed trailer for sale

Evaluating the Investment with the 7×20 enclosed trailer for sale

Investing in a trailer is a decision that goes beyond the mere act of buying; it’s about assessing the potential return on investment. The right 7×20 enclosed trailer can serve multiple purposes – from facilitating logistics for a small business to supporting a hobby or providing a means of transportation for valuable assets. Evaluating this investment means looking at how the trailer will enhance your operational efficiency, protect your goods, and adapt to your evolving needs. It’s about foresight, recognizing how this asset will contribute to your goals and projects in the long run.

Variety of Options Available such as axle choices

The search for a 7×20 enclosed trailer reveals a panorama of options, each designed to cater to specific needs and preferences. From basic models that offer sheer utility to customized versions equipped with advanced features for specialized tasks, the variety is vast. This diversity underscores the importance of understanding your precise requirements – be it for commercial delivery, secure transportation of sensitive equipment, or recreational use. Navigating this array effectively means matching the trailer’s features and capacities with your intended use, ensuring that your choice is as efficient as it is reliable.

Seeking Feedback and Reviews for the 7 x 20 enclosed trailer for sale

In today’s interconnected world, access to global feedback and reviews is invaluable. These insights, drawn from the experiences of users worldwide, can shed light on the real-world performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction associated with different trailer models. Such information is instrumental in painting a clearer picture of what to expect, helping you to avoid common pitfalls and align your expectations with the realities of the product. Engaging with these reviews also offers the opportunity to learn from the community, tapping into collective knowledge and experiences to guide your decision-making process.

7 x 20 enclosed trailer for sale

Enclosed Living Quarters 

For those who live life on the move, trailers with enclosed living quarters represent a fusion of mobility and comfort. These units are not just about transporting goods; they’re about creating a portable living space that caters to your needs while on the road. Equipped with amenities ranging from basic sleeping quarters to fully outfitted living spaces with kitchens and bathrooms, these trailers redefine the concept of travel and work. Whether for long-haul trips, touring, or as a mobile base for outdoor adventures, these trailers offer a level of independence and convenience that is hard to match.

Enclosed Vending Trailers and a trailer to fit your needs

The dynamic world of mobile business and vending finds a robust solution in enclosed vending trailers. Designed to serve as mobile storefronts, these trailers offer entrepreneurs and businesses the flexibility to bring their products and services directly to their customers. From food and beverage services to retail and exhibition spaces, these trailers are customizable to suit various business models. Their heavy duty mobility opens up new markets and opportunities, making them an invaluable asset for businesses looking to expand their reach and impact.

enclosed trailer 7x20

Enclosed Car Trailers like the enclosed trailer 7×20

Transporting vehicles safely and securely is a niche that enclosed car trailers fill perfectly. Whether for automotive enthusiasts, collectors, or racing teams, these trailers provide a shielded environment that protects valuable vehicles from weather, theft, and road debris. Equipped with features like tie-downs, ramps, and cushioned suspensions, they ensure that your vehicle arrives at its destination in showroom condition. The peace of mind and convenience offered by these trailers make them a preferred choice for transporting high-value vehicles with the 7×20 enclosed trailer.

Gooseneck Trailers and day financing

For those with heavy-duty transportation needs, gooseneck trailers offer unmatched stability and towing capacity. Their unique design, attaching to the towing vehicle via a hitch in the bed of a pickup truck, affords better weight distribution and enhanced maneuverability. This makes them ideal for hauling large loads, including heavy machinery, livestock, and sizeable equipment. Gooseneck trailers are a testament to the engineering dedicated to safety and efficiency in transport, providing a reliable solution for challenging hauling tasks with trailer dealer options.

Stacker Trailers and monthly payment options

Efficiency in space utilization reaches new heights with stacker trailers. Designed to transport multiple vehicles or large quantities of goods in a compact, organized manner, these trailers are a marvel of logistics. They are especially favored in the motorsports and automotive industries, where the need to move multiple vehicles efficiently is paramount. Stacker trailers exemplify the innovative solutions available in the trailer industry, offering versatility and capacity for those with substantial transport needs.

7 x 20 enclosed cargo trailer

Online Research for the 7 x 20 enclosed cargo trailer

The digital age has transformed how we access information, and the search for the perfect 7×20 enclosed trailer is no exception. The internet hosts a wealth of resources, from manufacturer websites and forums to online marketplaces and review platforms. These sources offer detailed descriptions, specifications, and user experiences that are critical in making an informed choice. The convenience of comparing options, prices, and features from the comfort of your home makes online research an indispensable tool in the trailer purchasing process.

Local Classified Ads and tie downs

Local classified ads continue to be a valuable resource for finding trailer deals close to home. These ads can reflect real-time availability and offer the chance to inspect the trailer in person before making a purchase. Local sales often provide the opportunity to negotiate prices directly with the seller, potentially leading to significant savings. Moreover, buying locally can simplify logistics, reducing the need for long-distance travel or shipping arrangements.

You can see certain options like the quality 7×20 enclosed, best enclosed trailer 7×20, 7×20 cargo, standard trailer, and the best selection picked with options to choose from while you search online and read about the content depending on your needs. The package includes the items you consider of importance, so call us for a shipping quote and for great financing offers. Do not forget that monthly payments are estimates and the best customer service is always available. We give monthly payment estimates as well as the best customer experience with fast and efficient results.

If you are looking for proper information and specifications to learn, you will find many offers with haulers in perfect condition and parts or equipment that you consider neccesary for the cost of accepntance and road build though options knowing all needs were met. Please verify all the information and contact information and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

Discounts and Sales

The quest for affordability should not overlook the potential for discounts and sales. Seasonal promotions, clearance sales, and manufacturer incentives can dramatically reduce the cost of a 7×20 enclosed trailer. Staying informed about these opportunities requires regular monitoring of retailers, manufacturers, and online platforms. Taking advantage of these deals not only saves money but may also allow you to invest in a higher-quality trailer than initially budgeted for. This is essential when looking for a trailer online and trailer options for utility trailers for sale. You can explore our utility trailer selection and ask the dealer for specific enclosed trailer online and deals in trailers.

Making the Right Choice

The journey to selecting the right 7×20 enclosed trailer is unique to each buyer, reflecting their specific needs, budget, and aspirations. This decision is more than a transaction; it’s a commitment to a tool that will serve your transportation, business, or personal needs. Careful assessment of the trailer’s features, durability, and adaptability to your requirements is essential. Remember, the best choice is one that aligns with your long-term goals, offering reliability, functionality, and satisfaction.

Look for options like extra height, motorcyle friendly, blackout package, 3500 capacity, equipment trailers, dump trailers, and many others. Always remember that fees and incentives are going to be important to find the best deals and the options you choose. Keep in mind that we you seach online and read that payments are estimates and fees are extra most of the time with the 7×20 enclosed trailer for sale. You can reach out to us for a shipping quote for a motorcycle trailer or when you purchase the trailer anywhere in the nation. You always want to make sure that you get a trailer with plenty of room and consider the cost of acceptance and the surcharge debit cards when it comes to the evaluation of the annual percentage rate. Also remember that taxes may apply once you have completed the reservation and you are able to release the hold. Free delivery occurs when certain criteria is met. We want you to be able to choose what is best for your needs and projects. 

Conclusion: A Worthwhile Investment

The decision to invest in a 7×20 enclosed trailer is a strategic move towards achieving greater efficiency, security, and flexibility in your transportation needs. The process, while demanding, is a journey of discovery that leads to a purchase that should meet and exceed your expectations. Armed with comprehensive research, practical insights, and a clear understanding of your requirements, you can make a choice that represents a valuable addition to your assets. Ultimately, the right trailer not only facilitates your immediate needs but also opens up new possibilities for growth and success in your endeavors.

Please enter your contact information and keep in mind that prices do not include taxes in most cases. Also, destination charges are bound to change depending on several factors.


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