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8.5x26 Enclosed Trailer

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8.5×26 enclosed trailer

You can find a huge number of trailers out there, but this model has a large number of fans as the perfect purchase after they research other trailers. This is why you will probably feel the exact same way too. The 8.5x 26 enclosed trailer for sale is ideal in many ways for many reasons.
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8.5 x 26 enclosed trailer

You must take the time to learn what is going to be the best choice for you to make. When you are looking online for trailers, many of them could have a special price for a while and that is something important because gives people the best chance to get excellent results. The search for the best kind of deal is always going to be ideal. You will see quickly find out that the 8.5×26 enclosed trailer is going to undoubtedly be of the best picks you can make.
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8.5×26 enclosed trailer for sale

The enclosed trailer 8.5×26 is a very good choice for anybody. You will see plenty of options such as the enclosed workstation trailers and gooseneck trailers. All of which offer all kinds of features based on the things you might be requiring.
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8.5×26 enclosed trailer

if you are looking for 8.5 x 26 enclosed trailer, you will see that you are always going to find many offers and notice how many are for sale with plenty of other options, which is the reason why a large number of buyers online decide to get this model once they have finally checked the web for prices and features.
Variety is never lacking and the 8.5x 26 enclosed trailer for sale sales end up being very large because of how much room it can offer. There is plenty of information available and there is no reason to make a great purchase than this one. You are going to save if you look properly.

enclosed trailer 8.5×26

The best deals will not be so simple and it can be difficult to find cheap and top quality trailers, but there is always going to be someone selling them for a lower cost than most other places online. The cheaper ones you will see for the enclosed trailer 8.5×26 are rare, but look hard enough and you will find them with some patience.

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Plenty of great and very popular trailers are found online and this one has always been one of the top picks of many people who need a great choice. The enclosed trailer 8.5×26 is definitely and excellent purchase.

8.5×26 Premium
Tandem Axle

Standard Features

  • 5200lb spring axles with 4″ drop & Electric Brakes
  • Floor crossmembers 16″ OC
  • 6’6″ (78″) Interior Height
  • 3/4″ plywood floor/Painted Underneath
  • White or Black metal exterior (.024)
  • (2) 12V Dome lights with switch
  • 225-15 Radial tires
  • Beavertail floor in rear
  • Non-powered roof vent
  • Silver Mod Wheels
  • (4) floor D-rings
  • LED Strip tail lights
  • 36″ RV style side door with flush lock
  • Wall members 16″ OC
  • V-Nose with vertical ATP trim
  • Premium 3/8″ plywood sidewalls
  • Rear Ramp with spring Assists
  • 1×1″ steel tube in walls and ceiling
  • Roof members 24″ OC
  • Screwed metal exterior
  • EZ Lube Hubs
  • 2000 lb tongue jack
  • Galvalume roof
  • 24″ Stoneguard on front
  • 6″ I-Beam Main Rails
  • ATP in Stepwell
  • 7-way Round elec. Plug/ 2 5/16″coupler

What are the exterior dimensions of an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer?

The exterior dimensions of an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer typically range around 8.5 feet in width and 26 to 26.5 feet in length.

What is the payload capacity of an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer?

The payload capacity of an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer generally falls within the range of 4,500 to 9,000 pounds, depending on factors such as the trailer’s design and manufacturer.

Can an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer be used for motorcycle transportation?

Yes, an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer is suitable for transporting motorcycles. It provides ample space for multiple motorcycles and secure tie-down points.

Is the 8.5×26 enclosed trailer suitable for camping or other recreational purposes?

The 8.5×26 enclosed trailer offers significant space for customization into a comfortable camping setup. It can accommodate sleeping areas, storage, and various amenities.

What is the warranty coverage for an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer?

Warranty coverage varies by manufacturer and model. To obtain specific warranty information, contact the manufacturer or dealer for the 8.5×26 enclosed trailer you’re interested in.

Can the trailer be customized with features like windows, racks, and electrical outlets?

Yes, customization options for an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer might include adding windows, racks, lighting, and electrical outlets. Check with the manufacturer or dealer for available customization choices.

What are the maintenance requirements for an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer?

Regular maintenance tasks for an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer include inspections, tire care, brake checks, lubrication, frame inspections, and interior cleaning. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.

How much does an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer typically weigh?

The weight of an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer varies based on design and materials, but it might range between 4,500 to 8,800 pounds on average, excluding the payload.

Does the 8.5×26 enclosed trailer come with interior lighting and electrical outlets?

Interior lighting might be included in some models, while electrical outlets could be added as a customization. Inquire with the manufacturer or dealer for specific features of the trailer you’re considering.

What type of brakes does an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer have?

The type of brakes on an 8.5×26 enclosed trailer can vary. It might have electric drum brakes, hydraulic surge brakes, or other types depending on the manufacturer and model.