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Everything you need to know about the 5×6 Single

plus our helpful maintenance guide

Table of Content - 5x6 Single Axle

1. Technical Features

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Standard Features South Georgia Cargo
PRICE $2,900.00
EXTERIOR METAL  White metal exterior (.024) / Screwed metal exterior
AXLES  3500lb leaf spring axle
V-NOSE   V-Nose with vertical ATP trim
FRONT DESIGN  Aerodynamic styling
WALLS/CEILING TUBING   1x1" steel tube in walls and ceiling
FLOOR TUBING   2x3" steel tube main rails
FLOOR CROSS-MEMBERS   24" OC Floor Members
TAIL LIGHTS   LED Strip tail lights
INTERIOR HEGHT  60" (5') Interior height
REAR DOOR   Single Rear Door
PLUG / COUPLER (BALL)  4-way flat plug/ 2" coupler
FENDERS  Aluminum fenders w/lights
TIRES  ST205 15" RADIAL tires
RIMS/WHEELS  Silver Mod Wheels
ROOF MATERIAL   Galvalume roof
STONEGUARD  12" Stoneguard on front
TONGUE JACK  2000 lb tongue jack
HUBS   EZ Lube Hubs
WALL MATERIAL  3/8" plywood sidewalls
FLOOR MATERIAL  3/4" plywood floor/painted underneath
GVWR 3500 lbs

2. Technical FAQ

Overall Length: 9'6" / 114 in (Breakdown: 6' on the Box + 3'6" on the Tongue) 18" on the Vnose
Overall Width: 6’6″ / 78 in (Breakdown: 5' on the Box + 9" on each Fender)
Overall Height: 6'4" / 76 in (Breakdown: 5' on the Box + 16" from the ground to the box)

Overall Length: 5'9" Box (Breakdown: Subtract 3" wich counts for rear door & framing) plus 18" on the Vnose
Overall Width: 4'8" (Breakdown: Subtract 4" (2" on each side) which counts for plywood & framing)
Overall Height: 5'

Width: 50" (Breakdown: Subtract 10" (5 on each side) which counts for plywood & framing)
Height: 54" (Breakdown: Subtract 6" which counts for plywood & framing)

No it doesn’t but they're available as a custom option.


Side Note: If the combined weight of the trailer and its load approaches or exceeds 3,000 pounds, many jurisdictions require brakes on the trailer. However, a 4x6 enclosed trailer, given its size, is unlikely to reach this weight limit when fully loaded, as they typically have a lower payload capacity.


Safety Considerations


Driving Conditions: If you plan to tow your trailer in hilly or mountainous areas, or if you'll be driving in a lot of stop-and-go traffic, having electric brakes can significantly improve safety by reducing stopping distances and improving vehicle control.


Emergency Handling: Electric brakes can offer better control in emergency braking situations, reducing the risk of accidents.


Wear on Vehicle Brakes: Using a trailer with its own braking system can reduce wear and tear on your vehicle's brakes, especially important for frequent towing or heavy loads.

4-way flat plug

5×4.5 (5 Lug)

6 Ply

Screws are 4' apart instead of being every 2'

It's an asphalt undercoating paint

We developed a section exclusively for Custom Options where we show sample photos and explain most popular options:

Click Here for More Information.

Here are examples of some of the most popular Custom Options:

– Blackout Package
– Electrical Package
– Insulation Package
– Rubber Flooring
– Etracks
– D-rings
– Windows
– Extended Tongue
– Extra Height
– Ladder Racks
– Finished Interior (Metal/Vinyl)
– Air Conditioner
– Lighting Options
– Axle Upgrades
– Concession Window
– Special Door Options
– Cabinets
– Barn Doors

3. Sample Photos

4. Sample Video

5. Sample Colors (click to enlarge)

6. Purchase FAQ

We work our financing arrangements through our third party business partner, below is their information:


Rock Solid Funding

Phone: 800-607-1108


NOTE: We recommend creating a quote before calling the financing company.

We work our delivery service arrangements through our third party business partners, below is their information:

TJ’s Transport: (912) 389-1965
Loyd’s Transport: (912) 381-2138





30 Day Temporary Tag, Certificate of Origin and obviously your Title so you can register your brand new trailer

Yes they are and also the reason why your trailer pick up is directly at the Factory

We do not charge any taxes, that's something that you pay when you register the trailer

Yes, as soon as your trailer is ready we can provide your with your VIN number.


1) Credit or Debit Card (over the phone or invoice sent to your email)
2) Mail a Cashier's Check
3) Wire Transfer

Once your deposit is confirmed we’ll send you an email just make everything official and after 24 hours (timeframe we provide in case of any changes) we will send your order to our production team so they can start working on your future top notch trailer

It depends on 2 factors: The season and your Order so make sure to ask our awesome sales team for a more accurate completion timeframe but on average you might be looking between 2 to 4 weeks on standard order and about 3 to 5 weeks for orders with custom options.


Note: We do make exceptions so make sure to ask our sales team

We don’t usually provide any updates during the building process but we can definitely ask our production team how things are going but as soon as your trailer is ready, we will send you the completion email along with the instructions so you can start your pick up arrangements

7. Create a Quote

8. Still Got Questions?

We try to cover all the basic questions so our customers can make an informed and smart purchase, but if we missed any information that prevents you from moving forward please feel free to email, chat or call us, our awesome and knowledgeable sales team will be happy to help.

Have you recently invested in an enclosed cargo trailer, or are you looking to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your current one? Our comprehensive PDF guide is your ultimate companion to mastering the art of trailer maintenance!

Safeguard Your Investment:

10 Smart Ways to Prevent Trailer Theft!

Useful Article About:

5 x 6 Enclosed Trailer by, Built to Last!

5 x 6 enclosed trailer

Introduction to 5×6 Enclosed Trailers

Embarking on the journey of acquiring a 5×6 enclosed trailer involves navigating a market brimming with diverse options. Understanding the nuances of these trailers is paramount, considering their multifaceted applications and the impact they can have on your transportation needs. These compact yet capable units are essential for those seeking a balance between size and utility, offering an ideal solution for various personal or business-related transport challenges. Their adaptability to different scenarios makes them an invaluable asset for anyone looking to enhance their mobility solutions.

Types of Enclosed Trailers and the 5 x 6 enclosed trailer

Within the realm of enclosed trailers, a rich tapestry unfolds, each type tailored for specific purposes. From safeguarding cars during transport to facilitating on-the-go vending and providing comfortable living quarters, these trailers offer versatility that caters to a myriad of needs. This diversity extends to custom features and adaptations, allowing for a personalized approach to meeting the demands of unique activities or industries. The ability to customize these trailers makes them even more appealing, ensuring that every individual or business can find a model that perfectly suits their specific requirements.

5 x 6 trailer

Tailoring to Specific Needs with the 5 x 6 trailer cargo

Recognizing the uniqueness of individual trailer types is crucial for a successful purchase. The key lies in aligning the features of the chosen trailer with your specific requirements, ensuring that it serves its intended purpose optimally. This entails a detailed examination of the trailer’s design, material quality, and additional features that may enhance its functionality. By focusing on the specific attributes that match your needs, you can secure a trailer that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, providing long-term satisfaction and utility.

enclosed trailer 5x6

Importance of Research with the enclosed trailer 5×6

The foundation of a sound investment in a 5×6 enclosed trailer rests on thorough research. Delving into the specifications, reviews, and market trends equips potential buyers with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision, preventing post-purchase regrets. This investigative process also involves comparing different models and manufacturers, understanding warranty options, and considering the longevity and resilience of the trailer. Armed with comprehensive information, buyers can confidently navigate the purchasing process, ensuring a wise and well-considered choice. You want to be able to get a trailer online with specifications that may vary. You want a trailer that’s worth the investment. Trailers come in all shapes and sizes and you can explore our cargo trailer options with ease. Most car haulers come with licensing fees and prices do not include taxes. You will find the best selection pricked and you can reserve trailer online for your convenience.

Popularity of the 5×6 enclosed trailer for sale

The surge in popularity of 5×6 enclosed trailer sales signifies a growing demand for this compact yet versatile option. Buyers are drawn to the wealth of information available, showcasing the appeal of these trailers in meeting diverse transportation needs. The increasing interest also reflects a shift towards more efficient, space-saving solutions in transportation, with these trailers offering an excellent balance of practicality and convenience. As awareness and appreciation of their benefits grow, the market for 5×6 enclosed trailers continues to expand, attracting a wider audience of both novice and experienced users. The best dealers maintain their trailers and many trailers such as the 4 x 6 best trailer can be ideal for this purpose. Please enter your contact information and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

Budget Considerations for the 5×6 trailer enclosed

Budgetary considerations play a pivotal role in the decision-making process. Navigating the plethora of options within your financial constraints ensures not only a satisfactory purchase but also prevents overextending your resources. It’s important to assess not only the upfront cost but also the long-term value, including maintenance expenses and resale value. A careful evaluation of these factors can lead to a financially savvy choice, ensuring that the trailer not only fits your immediate needs but also represents a wise investment over time. You need to consider the power of handling things based on your needs and projects. We have parts or equipment options that are ideal for your needs. Consider this when looking for atp fenders, rear of trailer options and more. Our trailers are perfect to fit your needs and we have plenty of enclosed trailer options for sale.

Quality and Affordability with the used 5×6 enclosed trailer for sale

Striking a balance between quality and affordability is the ultimate challenge. Discovering an enclosed trailer that exudes durability and craftsmanship while remaining within budgetary limits is a testament to a successful acquisition. In this quest, potential buyers must weigh the merits of various materials, construction methods, and brand reputations against their price points. Opting for a trailer that promises longevity and reliability without breaking the bank requires diligent research and negotiation skills, ultimately leading to a purchase that offers the best of both worlds. We haave the best selection picked and the trailer is located in several areas for your convenience. You need to consider certain destination charges and details regarding this purchase with the best possible customer experience and low costs options that help you make the best possible decision.

5x6 enclosed trailer for sale

New vs. Used Trailers with single axle and tandem axle

The dilemma between opting for a new or used 5×6 enclosed trailer involves weighing various factors. While a new purchase promises pristine condition, judiciously maintained used trailers often offer a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality. This decision hinges on individual priorities, such as warranty coverage, customization options, and the value of having the latest features versus the potential savings and character of a pre-owned model. Carefully considering these aspects can guide buyers to a decision that aligns with their financial situation and personal preferences.

5x6 trailer enclosed

Inspection and Condition to fit your needs

An in-depth inspection is a non-negotiable step when considering a used trailer. Scrutinizing every detail ensures that the trailer is in impeccable condition, providing reassurance to buyers and avoiding potential issues down the road. This process should include a thorough examination of the trailer’s structure, electrical systems, and any signs of wear or damage. Engaging a professional for an unbiased assessment can further validate the trailer’s condition, offering peace of mind and ensuring that the investment is sound and secure.

The Appeal of New Purchases with the enclosed cargo trailer

The allure of acquiring a brand new 5×6 enclosed trailer lies in the untarnished quality it brings. The assurance of a flawless start, free from wear and tear, adds a layer of confidence to the purchase decision. This option appeals to those who prioritize having the latest advancements in trailer design and technology, along with the full support of manufacturer warranties. The appeal extends beyond the physical product to the emotional satisfaction of owning something brand new, reflecting personal or business success and aspirations.

Second-Hand Trailer Deals with rear door and rear ramp

Delving into the realm of second-hand trailers opens avenues for substantial cost savings. However, potential buyers must exercise caution, conducting meticulous inspections to guarantee that the trailer’s condition aligns with expectations. The second-hand market can be a treasure trove of deals for the savvy shopper, offering access to high-quality trailers at reduced prices. Yet, the onus is on the buyer to verify the trailer’s history, assess its current state, and negotiate a fair price, balancing the benefits of cost savings against the due diligence required to ensure a wise purchase.

Enclosed Trailer Classified Ads for barn door and rear ramp door

Navigating through classified ads unveils a treasure trove of options, predominantly featuring second-hand trailers. The discerning buyer must approach these listings with a discerning eye, ensuring transparency and reliability of the cargo trailers for sale x 5×6. Also with the single axle enclosed cargo trailer and the enclosed car trailers, enclosed vending trailers, enclosed stacker trailers, enclosed living quarter trailers, 5×6 enclosed trailer options, enclosed workstation trailers for sale, utility trailers, quality 5×6 enclosed, enclosed trailer 5×6, gooseneck trailers,  dump trailers, mount floor, 5×6 enclosed trailer for sale, door grab handles, 4 wall ties and more brand new trailer customizations. You can purchase the trailer you need with the best service. Contact us for a shipping quote with model year configuration and pricing. We want you to get the best customer experince, so call us for a shipping quote and great financing offers. Always remember that taxes may apply once you have completed the reservation. We always offer a high level of quality to people all over the world.

Online Research and Customer Feedback for single rear door

The digital landscape serves as a powerful tool for prospective buyers. Harnessing online platforms for research and tapping into the wealth of customer feedback facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the available options, guiding buyers towards well-informed decisions. Something to cconsider with the 5 x 6 enclosed trailer for sale with radial tires from a trailer dealer with single axle enclosed in 2023 and 2024 models with spring axles and equipment trailers. Always consider the annual percentage rate and the fees and incentives that come with this kind of purchase. This is always something that you should take into consideration with monthly payment estimates. We want to ensure that your needs were met at all times and that you have the best customer experience with the cost of acceptance and surcharge debit cards as an option.

used 5x6 enclosed trailer for sale

Conclusion: Practicality of 5×6 Size

The 5×6 enclosed trailer emerges as a practical and accessible option. Its smaller dimensions render it easily maneuverable, making it a preferred choice globally. The versatility of this size ensures it caters to a diverse array of transportation needs, further enhancing the 5 x 6 enclosed cargo trailer widespread popularity.


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