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Everything you need to know about the 8.5×12 Tandem

plus our helpful maintenance guide

Table of Content - 8.5x12 Tandem Axle

1. Technical Features

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Standard Features South Georgia Cargo
PRICE $6,270.00
EXTERIOR METAL White or Black metal exterior (.024) /Screwed metal exterior
AXLES 3500lb spring axles with 4" drop
V-NOSE  V-Nose with vertical ATP trim
ELECTRIC BRAKES  Axles w/ Electric Brakes
DOME LIGHT (2) 12V Dome lights with switch
WALLS/CEILING TUBING  1x1" steel tube in walls and ceiling
FLOOR TUBING  6 I-Beam Main Rails
LIGHTS  LED Exterior Lights
TAIL LIGHTS  LED Strip tail lights
INTERIOR HEIGHT 6'6" (78") Interior Height
REAR DOOR  Rear Ramp with spring Assists & Extension Flap
PLUG / COUPLER (BALL) 7-way Round elec. Plug / 2 5 / 16"coupler.
ATP ATP in Stepwell
SIDE DOOR 36" RV style side door with flush lock
TIRES 205-15 Radial Tires
RIMS/WHEELS Silver Mod Wheels
ROOF MATERIAL  Galvalume roof
STONEGUARD 24" Stoneguard on front
TONGUE JACK 2000 lb tongue jack
HUBS  EZ Lube Hubs
WALL MATERIAL Premium 3/8" plywood sidewalls
FLOOR MATERIAL 3/4" plywood floor/Painted Underneath
DRINGS (4) floor D-rings
ROOF VENT Non-powered roof vent
GVWR 7000 lbs

2. Technical FAQ

Overall Length: 15'6" / 186 in (Breakdown: 12' on the Box + 3'6" on the Tongue) 20" on the Vnose
Overall Width: 8'6"/ 102 in (Breakdown: 8'6"on the Box)
Overall Height: 7'10" / 94 in (Breakdown: 6'6" on the Box + 16"from the ground to the box)

Overall Length: 11'9" Box (Breakdown: Subtract 3" which counts for rear door & framing) plus 20" on the Vnose
Overall Width: 8' Wall to Wall (Breakdown: Subtract 3" (each wall) which counts for framing & Plywood)
Width Between Wheel Boxes: 81 inches (Breakdown: Subtract 7.5" (each side) which counts for wheel boxes
Overall Height: 6'6"

Width: 90" (Breakdown: Subtract 12" (6 on each side) which counts for plywood & framing)
Height: 72" (Breakdown: Subtract 6" which counts for plywood & framing)

7-way Round plug

5×4.5 (5 Lug)

6 Ply

Screws are 4' apart instead of being every 2'

It's an asphalt undercoating paint

We developed a section exclusively for Custom Options where we show sample photos and explain most popular options:

Click Here for More Information.

Here are examples of some of the most popular Custom Options:

– Blackout Package
– Electrical Package
– Insulation Package
– Rubber Flooring
– Etracks
– D-rings
– Windows
– Extended Tongue
– Extra Height
– Ladder Racks
– Finished Interior (Metal/Vinyl)
– Air Conditioner
– Lighting Options
– Axle Upgrades
– Concession Window
– Special Door Options
– Cabinets
– Barn Doors

3. Sample Photos

4. Sample Video

5. Sample Colors (click to enlarge)

6. Purchase FAQ

We work our financing arrangements through our third party business partner, below is their information:


Rock Solid Funding

Phone: 800-607-1108


NOTE: We recommend creating a quote before calling the financing company.

We work our delivery service arrangements through our third party business partners, below is their information:

TJ’s Transport: (912) 389-1965
Loyd’s Transport: (912) 381-2138





30 Day Temporary Tag, Certificate of Origin and obviously your Title so you can register your brand new trailer

Yes they are and also the reason why your trailer pick up is directly at the Factory

We do not charge any taxes, that's something that you pay when you register the trailer

Yes, as soon as your trailer is ready we can provide your with your VIN number.


1) Credit or Debit Card (over the phone or invoice sent to your email)
2) Mail a Cashier's Check
3) Wire Transfer

Once your deposit is confirmed we’ll send you an email just make everything official and after 24 hours (timeframe we provide in case of any changes) we will send your order to our production team so they can start working on your future top notch trailer

It depends on 2 factors: The season and your Order so make sure to ask our awesome sales team for a more accurate completion timeframe but on average you might be looking between 2 to 4 weeks on standard order and about 3 to 5 weeks for orders with custom options.


Note: We do make exceptions so make sure to ask our sales team

We don’t usually provide any updates during the building process but we can definitely ask our production team how things are going but as soon as your trailer is ready, we will send you the completion email along with the instructions so you can start your pick up arrangements

7. Create a Quote

8. Still Got Questions?

We try to cover all the basic questions so our customers can make an informed and smart purchase, but if we missed any information that prevents you from moving forward please feel free to email, chat or call us, our awesome and knowledgeable sales team will be happy to help.

9. Ready to Purchase

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Have you recently invested in an enclosed cargo trailer, or are you looking to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your current one? Our comprehensive PDF guide is your ultimate companion to mastering the art of trailer maintenance!

Safeguard Your Investment:

10 Smart Ways to Prevent Trailer Theft!

Useful Article About:

8.5 x 12 Enclosed Trailer by, Built to Last!

8.5 x 12 enclosed trailer

Introduction: The Quest for the Perfect 8.5×12 Enclosed Trailer

Discovering the right trailer for your needs can be a journey of comparison and contrast, especially when the 8.5×12 enclosed trailer enters the fray. Its reputation for durability, versatility, and affordability makes it a standout choice for many.

Budget Considerations in Trailer Purchasing the 8.5 x 12 enclosed trailer

Navigating the financial aspect of buying a trailer is crucial. The market presents a spectrum of prices, offering options for both budget-conscious buyers and those looking to invest in premium features.

8.5 x12 enclosed trailer

Spotting Special Offers with the 8.5 x12 enclosed trailer south georgia cargo v nose

Occasional discounts and special pricing can transform an otherwise expensive purchase into an affordable opportunity, highlighting the importance of timely decision-making.

8.5x12 enclosed trailer for sale

Durability and Design: The 8.5×12 Advantage with rear ramp and v-nose

The robust construction and easy maintenance of the 8.5×12 enclosed trailer are among its most compelling attributes, appealing to a broad audience seeking long-term value.

Seeking Affordable Quality for the 8.5×12 enclosed trailer for sale 8.5′

Finding a cost-effective 8.5×12 trailer is feasible with the right research approach, proving that premium quality doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag.

8.5 x 12 cargo trailer

The Challenge of Finding Great Deals with single and tandem axle options

While securing a high-quality trailer at a lower cost can be challenging, the effort to uncover these hidden gems is often rewarded with significant savings.

The Merit of New vs. Pre-owned Trailers and hauler options

Deciding between a brand-new trailer and a well-maintained used one is a common dilemma, with each option offering distinct advantages in terms of condition and price. Make sure the package includes options to upgrade to triple 5200 lb or tandem 5200 lb if that is what you are looking for when getting tandem torsion axles. This is always important when you purchase a trailer. Both trailers and enclosed options are important to consider carefully to make the best decision.

Research: A trailer quote in 5 minutes in trailer – south georgia cargo

Comprehensive research is the foundation of any successful trailer acquisition, ensuring that the selected model meets both current and future hauling needs. It is always a good idea to find out what kind of trailer options you can find. Look for features such as coupler, rear door, tongue jack, snapper trailers, ta, interior dome light, flush lock, rear ramp door, 8.5′, d-rings, spring assist, side door, mag wheels, tie-downs, 8.5 wide, extra height, electrical package, gooseneck, base cabinet, main frame options and more. 

Diverse 8.5 x 12 cargo trailer Options on the Market in 5 minutes or less

The 8.5×12 enclosed trailer comes in various configurations, from stacker trailers to mobile workstations, each designed to fulfill specific requirements. Be it with a south georgia cargo or any other area, the cargo 8.5×12 ta trailer is a quality cargo option that  you can consider. Look for side wall vents, rear of trailer options, flush mount, cable hatch, holding tank, tie downs, total feet, steel backer, manual roof vent, gooseneck trailers, tie-down, metal thickness, capacity options like 7000 lb and more.

8.5 by 12 enclosed trailer

Customer Feedback on v nose tandem axle and all-aluminum enclosed trailer – south georgia

Online reviews and customer testimonials provide crucial insights into the real-world performance of trailers, guiding potential buyers toward the best choices. It is alwaysa good idea to look for feedback on a variety of trailers such as enclosed stacker trailers, enclosed car trailers, enclosed vending trailers, enclosed living quarter trailers, enclosed workstation trailers, and many other top quality options. You always need to check the prices and features that you must specify when you seek to find enclosed options that are common choice.

The Popularity of the 8.5×12 Model with the build your own trailer quote

The widespread availability and demand for the 8.5×12 trailer underscore its suitability for a range of applications, from business to personal use.

Making the Ideal 8.5 by 12 enclosed trailer investment with vent and ramp options

For those in search of an optimal trailer investment, exploring online sale options and reviewing buyer feedback are essential steps in the decision-making process. Good options such as the tandem 3500 lb and 8.5×12 enclosed trailer for sale can be ideal. Make sure to look for things inside the trailer such as a panel box. Also look for external features such as torsion axles w, and plf. All trailers must meet specific safety standards. 

Accessibility and Choice with leaf spring axles and access door for the 8.5×12

The accessibility of the 8.5×12 model, combined with the variety of available options, ensures that buyers can find a trailer that precisely fits their cargo-hauling needs.

Conclusion: Securing Your 8.5×12 Enclosed Trailer and south georgia cargo car hauler

In the search for an 8.5×12 enclosed trailer, prospective buyers are presented with a wealth of options, each offering a blend of functionality, quality, and affordability. By prioritizing research, considering both new and used models, and staying alert to special offers, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your specific needs and budget, ensuring satisfaction and efficiency in your hauling endeavors.

Get a trailer quote in 5 minutes!

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