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Everything you need to know about the 8.5×22 Tandem

from any of our top 3 manufacturers plus our helpful maintenance guide

Table of Content - 8.5x22 Tandem Axle

1. Technical Comparison Table

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Standard Features Diamond Anvil Procraft
PRICE $7,800.00 $7,800.00 $6,700.00
EXTERIOR METAL .080 Polycore Exterior (Semi-screwed) .080 Polycore Exterior (Semi-screwed) .024 Aluminum Metal Semi-Screwed Exterior
AXLES 3500lb USA Made Lippert Drop Leaf Spring Axles 3500lb USA Made Drop Leaf Spring Axle 3500# Drop Leaf Spring Axles
V-NOSE  V Nose (Standard) V Nose (Standard) V Nose (Standard)
ELECTRIC BRAKES  Axles w/ Electric Brakes Axles w/ Electric Brakes Axles w/ Electric Brakes
DOME LIGHT (2x) 12V LED Dome Light with switch 12V Dome light with switch ❌​
WALLS/CEILING TUBING  1.5" x 1" steel tube in walls and ceiling 1.5" x 1" steel tube in walls and ceiling 2x2 Tube CXM's
FLOOR TUBING  6" steel tube main frame 6" steel tube main rails 6" Steel Tube M.F.
FLOOR CROSS-MEMBERS Floor Members 16" O.C. Floor Members 16" O.C. Floor Members 16" O.C.
ROOF CROSS-MEMBERS Roof Members 16" O.C. Roof Members 24" O.C. Roof Members 24" O.C.
WALL CROSS-MEMBERS Wall Members 16" O.C. Wall Members 16" O.C. Wall Members 16" O.C.
LIGHTS  All LED exterior lighting incl. Rear Loading Light All LED exterior lighting (2) 3' Strip Light 20' & Up/ Loading Light Above Rear / Strip Taillights - Reverse
INTERIOR HEIGHT 7' (84") Interior Height 6'6" (78") Interior Height 6'6" (78") Interior Height
REAR DOOR  Heavy Duty Ramp Doorw/ Spring Assist & 16" Extension Flap  / Door Hold Back / (2) Rear Door Handles Ramp Door w/ Spring Assist & Extension Flap Heavy Duty Ramp Door w/Flap & Aluminum Handle
PLUG / COUPLER (BALL) 7-way Round Bargman Plug / 2 5 / 16" Coupler 7-way round plug / 2 5 / 16" coupler 7 Way Bargman Plug 2 5/16" Coupler
FENDERS Aluminum fenders w/lights Aluminum fenders w/lights Aluminum Fenders
SIDE DOOR 36" RV-Style Side Door w/ Flush Lock 36" RV-Style Side Door w/ Flush Lock & Hold Open 36" Side Door w/ Flush Lock & Barlock
ATP ATP In Stepwell  / ATP Front & Rear Corners ATP In Stepwell  / ATP Front & Rear Corners ATP Covered Stepwell
TIRES ST205 15" Radial Tires ST205 15" Radial Tires ST205 15" Radial Tires
RIMS/WHEELS Silver Painted Wheels Silver Painted Wheels Silver Rim
ROOF MATERIAL  Galvalume roof Galvalume roof Galvalume Roof
STONEGUARD 24" Stoneguard on front 24" Stoneguard on front 24" Stoneguard
TONGUE JACK 5000 lb A-Frame tongue jack w/ Sand Foot 2000 lb tongue jack w/ Sand Foot 5000 lb A-Frame Jack w/ Sand Foot
HUBS  EZ Lube Hubs EZ Lube Hubs E-Z lube Hubs
TRIPLE TUBE TONGUE ❌​ ❌​ 60" Triple Tube Tongue
THERMA-PLY Therma-Ply Ceiling ❌​ ❌​
WALL MATERIAL Premium 3/8" plywood sidewalls Premium 3/8" plywood sidewalls 3/8" Plywood Walls
FLOOR MATERIAL 3/4" plywood floor/undercoated 3/4" plywood floor/undercoated 3/4" Plywood Floor
VENTS Plastic Sidewall Vents Plastic Side Vents Non-Powered Roof Vent
DRINGS (4) 5000lb D-Rings Welded to Frame 4 Floor D-rings 4 Floor D-rings
BEAVERTAIL No Show Beavertail Beavertail frame 20' & Up: 4' Beavertail
EMPTY WEIGHT 3400 lbs 3400 lbs 3400 lbs
LOAD CAPACITY 3600 lbs 3600 lbs 3600 lbs
GVWR 7000 lbs 7000 lbs 7000 lbs
TONGUE WEIGHT 510 lbs 510 lbs 510 lbs

2. Technical FAQ

Overall Length: 25'6" / 306 in (Breakdown: 22' on the Box + 3'6" on the Tongue) 20" on the Vnose
Overall Width: 8’6"/ 102 in (Breakdown: 8’6" on the Box)
Overall Height ( Diamond ): 8'4" / 100 in (Breakdown: 7' on the Box + 16"from the ground to the box)
Overall Height (Anvil): 7'10" / 94 in (Breakdown: 6'6" on the Box + 16"from the ground to the box)

Overall Length: 21'9" Box (Breakdown: Subtract 3" which counts for rear door & framing) plus 20" on the Vnose
Overall Width: 8' Wall to Wall (Breakdown: Subtract 3" (each wall) which counts for framing & Plywood)
Width Between Wheel Boxes: 81 inches (Breakdown: Subtract 7.5" (each side) which counts for wheel boxes
Overall Height ( Diamond ): 7'
Overall Height (Anvil): 6'6"

Width: 90" (Breakdown: Subtract 12" (6 on each side) which counts for plywood & framing)
Height ( Diamond ): 78" (Breakdown: Subtract 6" which counts for plywood & framing)
Height (Anvil): 72" (Breakdown: Subtract 6" which counts for plywood & framing)

7-way Round plug

5×4.5 (5 Lug)

6 Ply

Screws are 4' apart instead of being every 2'

It's an asphalt undercoating paint

We developed a section exclusively for Custom Options where we show sample photos and explain most popular options:

Click Here for More Information.

Here are examples of some of the most popular Custom Options:

– Blackout Package
– Electrical Package
– Insulation Package
– Rubber Flooring
– Etracks
– D-rings
– Windows
– Extended Tongue
– Extra Height
– Ladder Racks
– Finished Interior (Metal/Vinyl)
– Air Conditioner
– Lighting Options
– Axle Upgrades
– Concession Window
– Special Door Options
– Cabinets
– Barn Doors

3. Sample Photos

4. Sample Video

5. Sample Colors (click to enlarge)

6. Purchase FAQ

We work our financing arrangements through our third party business partner, below is their information:


Rock Solid Funding

Phone: 800-607-1108


NOTE: We recommend creating a quote before calling the financing company.

We work our delivery service arrangements through our third party business partners, below is their information:

TJ’s Transport: (912) 389-1965
Loyd’s Transport: (912) 381-2138





30 Day Temporary Tag, Certificate of Origin and obviously your Title so you can register your brand new trailer

Yes they are and also the reason why your trailer pick up is directly at the Factory

We do not charge any taxes, that's something that you pay when you register the trailer

Yes, as soon as your trailer is ready we can provide your with your VIN number.


1) Credit or Debit Card (over the phone or invoice sent to your email)
2) Mail a Cashier's Check
3) Wire Transfer

Once your deposit is confirmed we’ll send you an email just make everything official and after 24 hours (timeframe we provide in case of any changes) we will send your order to our production team so they can start working on your future top notch trailer

It depends on 2 factors: The season and your Order so make sure to ask our awesome sales team for a more accurate completion timeframe but on average you might be looking between 2 to 4 weeks on standard order and about 3 to 5 weeks for orders with custom options.


Note: We do make exceptions so make sure to ask our sales team

We don’t usually provide any updates during the building process but we can definitely ask our production team how things are going but as soon as your trailer is ready, we will send you the completion email along with the instructions so you can start your pick up arrangements

7. Create a Quote

8. Still Got Questions?

We try to cover all the basic questions so our customers can make an informed and smart purchase, but if we missed any information that prevents you from moving forward please feel free to email, chat or call us, our awesome and knowledgeable sales team will be happy to help.

Have you recently invested in an enclosed cargo trailer, or are you looking to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your current one? Our comprehensive PDF guide is your ultimate companion to mastering the art of trailer maintenance!

Safeguard Your Investment:

10 Smart Ways to Prevent Trailer Theft!

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8.5 x 22 Enclosed Trailer by, Built to Last!

8.5 x 22 enclosed trailer for sale


When searching for a trailer, the quest for the best deal is crucial. Special prices can be a game-changer, providing an excellent opportunity for individuals to acquire quality trailers. In this pursuit, the 8.5×22 enclosed trailer emerges as a standout option, offering a myriad of features that cater to diverse needs. Let’s delve into the reasons why the 8.5×22 enclosed trailer is an ideal choice for those who frequently move items and explore the various factors that make it a valuable investment.

Versatility in Use in 8.5 x 22 enclosed trailer options

The trailer is a versatile choice for individuals who need to transport goods regularly. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various applications, from moving household items to serving as a mobile workstation for contractors and dealer options in 2023 and 2024.

8.5 x22 enclosed trailer

Optimal Features for Quality in the 8.5 x22 enclosed trailer

As a general rule, the better and more features a trailer has, the higher its quality. The  trailer stands true to this principle, providing a range of features that enhance its functionality and durability. Looking for the best choice from an authorized dealer with offers that fit your needs. We have offers in north dakota, jamestown, and many other areas.

Preference for Simplicity for item location and recommendation options

Despite the abundance of features, some individuals prefer to keep their trailers simple. The trailer caters to this preference, offering a straightforward yet effective solution for those who prioritize simplicity in their trailer purchase. The best options available in rent-to-own options with high quality and availability with lender options.

The Importance of Research in 8.5×22 enclosed trailer for sale

Before making any trailer purchase, thorough research is essential. The 8.5×22 enclosed trailer for sale prompts potential buyers to delve into customer feedback and explore various websites to ensure they are making an informed decision. Fee and extra costs based on lbs capacity and payment options will vary for 030 enclosed trailer sales. Keep in mind that payments are estimates and fees are always extra.

8.5x22 enclosed trailer for sale

Cost-Effective Quest for a cargo trailer with single or tandem axle

The pursuit of finding the best cost can be overwhelming. With “8.5×22 enclosed trailer for sale” being a common search term, buyers are encouraged to explore multiple sources, compare prices, and consider customer feedback to secure a cost-effective deal. Consider the options to make when an item is sold with best results.

Reliability and Durability of the 8.5×22 enclosed trailer

Full reliability and lasting durability are inherent in the 8.5×22 enclosed trailer for sale. Its robust construction ensures that the trailer can withstand the demands of frequent use, providing a reliable solution for transporting goods.

Abundance of Space for those looking to get the best price

The 8.5×22 enclosed trailer offers ample space, a crucial factor for those looking to transport large or numerous items. Its spacious interior makes it a preferred choice for businesses and individuals with significant hauling needs, such as semi and other customization choices.

Exploring Available Offers for the 8.5 x 22 enclosed trailer for sale

With many offers available, potential buyers are encouraged to scrutinize the trailers on sale. Taking a close look at the features, pricing, and overall condition ensures that buyers make a worthwhile investment.

8.5 x 22 enclosed trailer

Global Appeal with standard features

The popularity extends globally, with buyers from different parts of the world recognizing its value. Its widespread use indicates the universal appeal of this trailer model. You can look for things such as height, ramp door, wheel extras, tube, electric features, tire styles, d-rings, lb capacities, diamond style, gvwr, and much more.

Diverse Options in the Market

The market offers a variety of enclosed trailers, including enclosed stacker trailers, enclosed car trailers, gooseneck trailers, and enclosed workstation trailers. This diversity allows buyers to choose a model that aligns with their specific needs.

Challenges of Finding Lower-Cost Deals with versatile v nose

While lower-costing deals for the enclosed trailer 8.5×22 may not be common, they exist. Buyers need to invest time and effort to unearth these hidden gems, particularly for top-line models. The enclosed cargo extrior can see a significant upgrade if needed.

Information is Key

In the pursuit of a great purchase, having ample information is invaluable. Buyers are urged to gather as much information as possible about the 8.5×22 enclosed trailer to make an informed decision. The interior height plays a major role in the results you can get with your car hauler trailer and enclosed cargo trailers.

Variety and Spaciousness

The large sales volume is a testament to its popularity, offering buyers plenty of variety and ample space to meet their hauling needs effectively. The need for proper financing and estimate package options is huge. This is why specification request are important for exterior features. Also look for features such as  aluminum wheels, aero 8.5x22ta52, aero 8.5, wheels 2-5200lb axles, diamond plate, thickness, extra height, thicker, blackout, and more.

Smart Investment

With a large fan base and extensive research supporting its value, the 8.5×22 enclosed trailer stands out as a smart investment. Its reputation as a reliable and versatile choice reinforces its status as an excellent purchase for anyone in need of a quality trailer.


In conclusion, the 8.5×22 enclosed trailer combines versatility, durability, and a range of features to offer a comprehensive solution for transporting goods. Its global popularity, coupled with the appeal of cost-effective deals, positions it as a favorite among buyers. Whether for personal or business use, the 8.5×22 enclosed trailer proves to be a smart and reliable investment for those seeking a high-quality trailer with ample space and functionality.

Always look for our year end close offers and all year round deals. Please enter your contact information and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible!


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