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We Build & Sell Enclosed Cargo Trailers
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More Information
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More Information
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How Does it Work?

  • Step #1: Select Your Trailer Size & Create a Quote:  You can find all the trailer sizes we have avialable and also create a custom trailer quote by Clicking Here.
  • Step #2: We Will Call You (or You Can Call Us First):  Once your quote is ready, we will get in touch with you and answer any questions you have in order to move forward with the process…. (or you can call us first, Click Here to contact us).   
  • Step #3: Deposit is Required:  We only required a small deposit in order to start builing your trailer, but, if custom options are selected your deposit will increase and once calculated, we will email an invoice which you can pay with a credit/debit card.
  • Step #4: Building Period:  All standard trailers take approximatly 3 Weeks to get build and all custom trailers take approximately 4 Weeks.
  • Step #5: Your Trailer is Ready:  We will send a confirmation email so you can start making pick up arrangements. 
  • Step #6: Personal Pick Up or Delivery Options:  The Factory is Open from Monday-Friday (9:00am-4:00pm), Saturday (by appointment only). The payment options are Cash, Cashier Check, Money Order and Credit/Debit Card….. We also have delivery options available: click here to check them out.  
  • Step #7: Trailer Tag & Paperwork:  The Factory will provide a certificate of origin which will allow you to move the trailer around temporarily plus they will also include all the necessary paperwork in order for you to register it once you get to your hometown.


  • What are the trailer measurements ?  ANS= Click Here to see measurements for all trailer sizes.
  • How far am I from the Factory?  ANS= Click Here to calculate distance
  • Why are the trailers so cheap?  ANS= You will pick up your new trailer directly from the factory in Pearson, Georgia where we make over 100 trailers per WEEK. The trailer doesn’t have to be shipped and it doesn’t have to sit on a lot costing a dealer money. 
  • What is the Frame and Skin made of?  ANS= Trailers are made of Steel Framed, the skin and most of everything else is aluminum.
  • Can I move the Side Door?  ANS= You can move trailer side door wherever you would like, including into the v-nose. You can also delete the rear loading door from the trailer (no additional charge).
  • What’s the Ramp Door Opening Height?  ANS= We take 6″ away from the interior height on all trailer szes except on the 8.5′ wide Trailers, in those cases we only take 3″ away from the interior height.  
  • What Brand are the Axles?  ANS= ALKO (owned by Dexter Axle)
  • Does the trailer come with electric brakes on both axles?  ANS= The 7′ wide trailer and the 8.5 wide trailer both come standard with electric brakes, they’re optional on the 5′ wide trailer and 6′ wide trailer.
  • Does the length of the trailer include the v-nose?  ANS= No. If it’s a 28′ long trailer, it’s 28′ PLUS the v-nose. Same with 16′ trailer, etc. Standard V Nose is about 2′

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